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1.  Have fun!

2.  There will be no eliminations.

3.  You cannot have help from any other person.

4.  Commercial patterns may be used.

5.  You may enter one or all of the challenges, however the person who wins the most challenges at the end of the contest will win the grand prize.  (No it will not be a million dollars to start your own line) LOL!

6.  All challenges will need to be mailed to me by the deadline to qualify. I will supply the postage.

7.  All challenges will be displayed at the 2008 International Fashion Doll Convention's "Artist Gallery" with a brocure that will include pictures and materials you used for each challenge so make sure you make notes.  Your name and information will be on each brocure so that people may contact you.

8.  I dont encourage feedback as this is suppose to be a fun contest. But if you want opinions you may ask the group. 

9.  Have fun!

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