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About me page

Hello! my name is Jeannie, I live in San Diego, California with my five cats Ava, Amy, Binkers, tankiepoo and my newest baby boy Peanut. I have been collecting cats, I mean Barbie(R) for many years, when I started collecting my favorites were the vintage dolls I played with as a child, Francie, the TNT's and the Bubble cuts!

I now tend to buy the Fashion Royalties, Silkstones, and the Model of the Moment. I'm drawn more towards the high fashion looking dolls.  I am also a big fan of Gene, her era is what I love the most in fashion. I dont really collect dolls now, but I do buy the ones I like for fashion design.

I started designing dolls in early 1999 after attending a Barbie(R) convention that featured several doll artists. I went home very inspired, I was determined to make one of those beautiful dolls for myself, little did I know it would turn out to consume every inch of my house and every spare minute! it has been a very exciting and challenging hobby.

I have no formal art or design education, just a strong ambition to learn.

I have met a lot of wonderful people through this hobby, who would have thought there could be soooo many doll lovers!

Thanks to all who have helped me with my many questions and the people who support this hobby!


I want to give special thanks to Jim Farone for publishing such wonderful books for us to learn from and all the great stuff he does to help promote doll artists.

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